Delores Miles

In the tradition of writers like Danielle Steele, Delores Miles writes rich, attention-absorbing novels that fully engage all the senses, deftly transforming the reader into another character in the novel . She brings her subjects sharply into focus, allowing readers to clearly see the face of every character and to hear the overtones and accents in their voices as their words seemingly jump from every page.

Never My Love

Never My Love brings to life a tender love story that began when two teens met in the early 1960's in a small Texas town. Their journey allows the reader to experience the magic of a love most never experience in their lifetime. As they grew up on different sides of the tracks, Jake and Annie's love faces unsurpassable odds. Years change their lives but never their hearts. Yet, they never let go of that once in a lifetime love they found during the summer of 1963.

A Message From Delores Miles


Dear Readers,

You might be asking yourself why should I read Never My Love!

As the author, I can only tell you because it reflects a love between two people that we all dream about sharing. As the reader, you can be a part of that experience . The backdrop is a small country town that gives you a warm welcoming place to be as you see this love story unfolding. The 1960s was a time of conflict with war as America desperately tried to hold on to the easy simple life of the 1950s. As you read, you become a part of this era.

I sincerely feel you will be taken with the emotion and events you experience. As you wipe the tears, I predict you will recommending it to your best friends!

Delores Miles

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